Club History

In 1973, Bethel and Redding had a joint Newcomers Group for women only that met monthly in Bethel and always at night. The Redding women no longer wanted to trek all the way to Bethel, especially at night, and decided to break off and form their own club. During the year of 1974, Lynn Grant, who was then the Welcome Wagon Hostess for Bethel and Redding, organized the initial group of 20 women into the beginning of Redding Newcomers Club. Louise Winterhalder  was the first appointed President with Lynn Grant and Sandy O’Dell as Board members. The initial club members had a Gourmet Club, Babysitting Group, Bridge and even Golf, all for ladies only. The beginning meetings were held at St. Patrick’s Church Hall where the women would have a babysitter watch their kids as they met.

After the first and very successful year, the Redding Neighbors & Newcomers club, as they are officially known today, became well established. The 1992 board members formally incorporated the club as a not-for-profit organization with tax exempt status.

Today’s club now welcomes all Redding residents, new and established, with interest groups and events specifically geared toward men, women, couples, children and the entire family. Please look at Meet the Board for current and previous board members who have all devoted time and energy into making the club what it is today.

Christine and Frank Polio

Honorary Members

Christine and Henry Polio became honorary members of the club in 2004. Both Christine and Henry were chosen to be honorary members because of their many years of service and participation. Christine has been on the Board of RN&N for 10 years, 6 of which she served as President. And if that weren’t enough, Henry has been our “Santa in disguise” (shh, don’t tell the children) for more than 12 years! But their participation doesn’t end there; you will always find one, or both of them, still enjoying the activities and interest groups that the club offers. Thank you, Christine and Henry, for the years of dedication and energy that you poured into the club!


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